Minggu, 25 Oktober 2015


At this moment, i would like to tell you about place. I choose my home as a place to describe. There are 5 rooms i would like to explain further.


In my living room there are some furnitures such as sofa, carpet, TV and sound system. There is also a white grand piano. The wall has a white colour painting. This room connects to swimming pool and upstairs. 

Dining Room

This is my dining room. As you can see in the pictures above, the dining table capacity is for 8 persons. The dining table is made of wood. When it comes to maintain the quality of food we put them in the fridge.


There is double bed size, AC, telephone, wardrobe. Other than that, there is also TV, chair and window. This room connects to swimming pool. In the mean time, this room is used for guest. Same as the other room, the wall has a white colour painting.


This room contains closet, shower, sink, mirror, and towel rack. In this house, there is 5 bathroom. The toilet has white colour theme. 

Garden & Swimming Pool

In the garden there is an umbrella table which has capacity for 4 persons. And in the garden there is vine and tree. Swimming pool is at the centre of this house. We usually listen to the music while swimming.